Dr. Mariano Cardenas was a Research Support Specialist at the High Throughput and Spectroscopy Resource Center (HTSRC) at The Rockefeller University. There, he guided other researchers in bioassay development, miniaturization and optimization of High throughput assays, trains users on biophysical and biological techniques and ran and oversaw the automated liquid handling instruments and robots. Mariano did his Ph.D. at the University of Buenos Aires, studying the mechanism of action of natural and Synthetic Flavonoids as antitumor agents. He had a successful postdoctoral research at Weill Cornell Medicine, where he validated different oncoproteins as druggable targets. Also, Mariano has identified different small-molecule inhibitors to treat lymphomas and other types of cancers by designing different biochemical and biological assays. As a proud PRISM board member, he aimed to help others find mentors and role models. Mariano has always been interested in learning about STD prevention and in helping others in stress-related situations. Outside the lab, he loves traveling, cooking, meeting new people and learning languages.