PRISM’s Healthcare Initiative: Stigma Free STI screening, nPEP and PrEP Coverage Available at Occupational Health

PRISM, in conjunction with Occupational Health Services, HR, and the benefits department, would like to break down the barriers to access of quality health care for the LGBTQ+ community. Access to medications like the HIV preventatives PEP and PrEP is often limited by the lack of education amongst healthcare providers for the unique medical needs of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the continuous stigma our community faces especially in the healthcare field. In efforts to combat these issues Occupational Health Services offers stigma free assessment for PEP and PrEP Coverage! HIV affects many communities, and stigma free assessment for PEP and PrEP is available to anyone who wishes to be evaluated by OHS, not just those who are LGBTQ+. OHS also offers STI screening for anyone who wishes to be screened.

nPEP Coverage
nPEP, Non-Occupational Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, is a 28-day multi-medication regimen that prevents the spread of HIV after a person has had a potential exposure. Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am-5pm OHS is able to evaluate a person’s potential exposure, risk level, initiate appropriate testing, and prescribe a course of nPEP when indicated. The medications for nPEP—Tenofovir & Emtricitabine (Truvada) and Raltegravir (Isentress)—are kept in stock, and OHS can dispense a 72-96 hour supply for immediate care, as well as write a prescription for the remaining 28 day course. Patients will also be referred to specialized health care providers for follow-ups.

While PEP is effective when started within the first 72 hours post exposure, it is significantly more effective in preventing HIV if started within the first 24 hours. Since Occupational Health is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, those in need of evaluation for nPEP outside those hours are strongly encouraged to go to an Emergency Room location for 24/7 evaluation. It is not recommended to wait until the next day that OHS is open.

nPEP is also available from the CityMD Urgent Care Upper East location (67th& 3rd) on the weekends between 8am-6pm and weekdays 8am-8pm. See links below for further information about nPEP, including other clinics where it is available, and a hotline to call if you think you have been exposed.

PrEP Coverage
PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a daily medication the greatly reduces the risk of contracting HIV; PrEP is different from PEP in that it’s taken pre-exposure by patients that could potentially be exposed to HIV and would like to take a medication that is highly effective at preventing contraction of the virus. OHS can assess, test, and prescribe PrEP (Truvada) as necessary. The prescription will be sent to the patient’s preferred pharmacy, and OHS will connect patients to appropriate follow-up care.

STI Screening and Treatment/Referral
Comprehensive screening, treatment, and referral (if needed) for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is available at OHS during office hours. We encourage you to make an appointment in order to lessen your wait time. Same day appointments are usually available. If your need is urgent, OHS staff will work with you to ensure you receive timely care.

More Information:
-24/7 NYC PEP Hotline at (844) 3-PEPNYC (844-373-7692)
-NYC Locations for PEP Evaluation
-User’s Guide to PEP
-User’s Guide to PrEP